Problems with water

The December 2020 human rights report is here.  Dec 20 human rights report

Moswatert parts of Palestinians’ lives are affected by the military occupation and apartheid imposed by Israel. Water is one example, with the allocation of water in the West Bank itself controlled by Israel and unequally divided, so there is already a general shortage of water in Abu Dis. Israeli settlers moving into the West Bank have at least six times as much water available per head as the Palestinian population. The Israeli settlements have watered lawns, flowers and swimming pools – just as dramatic, they have continuous water coming to their homes through a mains supply. Palestinian homes have water tanks on the roofs as they have occasional distribution of water – in Abu Dis often for two days a week only, so it has to be saved; andthey are used to running out of water especially in the hot weather.

A real crisis ensured in mid-December because the main pump in the Wadi Jheer pumping station broke. This usually gives 70% of the water in the area, and the people in lower areas depended on 30% of water from Israeli companies – They refused to give more than this quantity or to raise the pressure so the majority of people in hilly Abu Dis and surrounds were not able to get mains waterand were forced to pay for private tankers to bring water, and then pump it to the tanks on their roofs.

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