Linking together for human rights

Who we are

IMG_5111Linking together for human rights.

CADFA works in the UK to promote awareness about the human rights situation in Palestine. Our link began in 2003 when people from the London borough of Camden made links with people in Abu Dis a town in the Jerusalem suburb. At that time, the Israeli Separation Wall was being built across Abu Dis itself: in 2004, the International Court of Justice found this to be a serious human rights violations and in breach of international humanitarian law.

CADFA was formed to promote human rights and respect for international humanitarian law, and 20150606_160659our main method has been to link people in order to build awareness and understanding and encourage people to be active in pursuit of human rights. CADFA itself was formally founded in October 2004, became a charity in 2005 which was registered in January 2006. These links have strengthened over the years and we are very proud of the range of activities that our small organisation has been able to do and the broadening of interest around this work.

In this time we have run many activities, exchange visits, events, campaigns and grown enormously in experience. We have built our own model of human rights twinning, supporting the links we are making through visits and volunteers in both directions and found ways to support twinning groups beyond our own. We have produced a number of books and other publications. Through ‘twinning links’ between schools, university and community organisations and these creative projects, we enable people to understand each other’s lives, challenge discrimination and promote human rights. 20150608_161928 

We have helped to give a voice in the UK to the experiences of people in Palestine suffering human rights violations and found many ways of raising these issues with policy-makers. We can see our work having an effect around us in the UK in the responses of individuals and the growing awareness  of human rights issues in Palestine in the schools and organisations we work in. We can see issues we have been taking up (like the child prisoner campaign) being discussed more widely and gaining mainstream coverage. However, the situation in Abu Dis and in Palestine has got worse not better, and the issue of widespread human rights violations on all levels in Palestine continues to be very serious and there is very much to be done.

Whatever your skills, background or age, we encourage you to join our activities

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