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CADFA can offer you resources on Palestine and human rights in the form of written materials, books, short films. If you would rather hear about this from a speaker, look out for a Palestine 4 Beginners session, ask CADFA for a speaker for your group meeting or consider going on a CADFA visit to Palestine. You can hear from Palestinians in their own words in our books, meetings during our visits, Zoom meetings.

On this website you can find

(1) Discussion of the main issues

PalestineApartheid | Human rights

(2) Living in Palestine 

Living under military occupation | Refugees | Land and Settlements | Checkpoints and IDs | The Separation Wall | Prisoners | Health and the Environment | Jerusalem | Palestinian workers | Palestinian farmers and the olive harvest | Abu Dis

(3) Materials

CADFA books and films of Palestinian stories | Current leaflets | MAPS | Human rights reports from Abu Dis


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