Linking together for human rights

Palestinian women’s voices tour 2023


Our annual international women’s day tour will take place this year between 9th and 21st March – We have invited eleven Palestinian women to join in International Women’s Day events across the country. The visit is still being designed but will include visits to London, Bristol, Manchester and many more. Contact us to help  arrange it – Follow this link to help raise the funds  Look back here for more up-to-date … Read More →

Stop the killings

المظاهرة 1

Last Thursday saw the biggest Israeli army invasion into Jenin Refugee Camp in the West Bank for some time. The BBC (unusually) reported it and described tanks driving into the crowded residential area and upturning cars including at least one with someone in it. Huge damage was done to houses. Nine people were shot and killed, including a woman of sixty, and there were many people seriously wounded. The situation … Read More →

Hoping and praying that Yousef gets well.

يوسف ربيع 1

Terrible news yesterday in Abu Dis as a youth of 17, Yousef Rabiyeh, was shot in the head by Israeli soldiers. Dangerously wounded, he was put by the soldiers in their military jeep and the paramedics from the Palestinian ambulance that came to his rescue were not allowed to approach – but his mother came running when she heard what had happened, and she held him and the door of … Read More →

Army violence at the Al Quds University


    Army violence isn’t new at Al Quds University in Abu Dis, where students and staff tell us every so often of invasions by the Israeli army. But in the last few days there have been demonstrations, clashes, army shooting across the West Bank following the death of a prisoner in Israeli jail, and so much army activity in and around the Al Quds University that it has had … Read More →

Volunteer in the UK with CADFA/ Building Hope

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We have updated our volunteer form for *UK* people who want to help in the UK – please see here. If you are from the UK and would like to volunteer in Palestine, we have a separate form – please ask! Also if you are in Palestine and would like to volunteer with Dar Assadaqa or join our links groups to people in the UK, do get in touch.

Human Rights Day 2022

The human rights situation in Palestine remains very bad. As well as quieter violations that continue on every front, this year the reports of murders of Palestinians by the Israeli army and settlers seems to be incessant – currently standing at over 200 people with all the pain around them as well as the loss of life. Every year, we mark human rights day (10th December) and last year had a … Read More →