Linking together for human rights

Events during the Palestinian youth workers’ visit

We’re looking forward to welcoming our Palestinian visitors on 21st May! Come and meet them. Events list here and more details below. Sunday 22nd May 7pm Camden welcome meal  (for visit helpers & CADFA members) Monday 23rd May 6.30 Camden – Barbecue at Calthorpe Community Gardens Tuesday 24th May 7pm Islington Civic reception at Islington Town Hall (by invitation only but if you are local do ask us) Tuesday 24th May 6pm Tower Hamlets and Newham event in Stratford Advice Arcade, 105-107 … Read More →

A weekend of walks


For CADFA in both the UK and Palestine, this was a special weekend of sponsored walks with many people working to raise money for the Building Hope project, with special concentration on the Palestinian children’s visit of June-July. In both countries, the walks were in special places – beautiful Wal al-Qilt, Palestine, and the lovely Offa’s Dyke Path on the Welsh border in the UK.  Many thanks to everyone young and … Read More →

Help with Building Hope

Please donate here for the Building Hope project…  We have our groups, they are waiting for their visas, the dates are fixed, the events and arrangements going into place.  See the Getting Involved page for more details of the project, and Events for the many public events that are going to take place alongside the private visits to schools, youth clubs and other organisations. We are so excited about these … Read More →

Visa equality needed

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Old friends of CADFA may remember our visa equality campaign – How appalling for the British government to accept the apartheid divisions imposed by Israel on the Palestinians, that is to accept Israeli settlers into Britain with no visas while they put the Palestinians living in the same place through a long and humiliating visa experience, and even treat Jerusalemites in a different way from West Bankers! Now we are back … Read More →

How you can help now with Building Hope!

Many thanks to everyone helping to make the two summer visits from Palestine happen – Back in Action Youth Workers’ visit in May and Sonunu Youth visit in June-July. We now have our list of participants from each visit, our list of partners in both countries and a draft programme, day by day getting firmer. Many thanks for all the help with fundraising – we do need more – Here … Read More →

Building Hope visits this summer

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BUILDING HOPE: VIDEO HERE Palestinian children like any others want to explore the world and meet other young people.  But they are living under military occupation and grow up confined between separation walls, Israeli settlements and military checkpoints. They have constant pressure from the presence of military camps and the knowledge that their friends have been imprisoned, wounded and even killed by Israeli soldiers and settlers. Youth visits give young … Read More →