Let them breathe

Whiالصورة للاعلانle Israel has vaccinated most of its people and plans to open up again after the lockdown, vaccine apartheid is still real for Palestinians who are just beginning to get some Covid vaccine from China, Russia and COVAX.. not enough yet and the vaccine roll-out has not yet been felt in towns like Abu Dis (23rd March 21).
There is health apartheid in occupied Palestine too – while Israeli settlers a mile or so away get access to the best of care, Palestinian doctors in Abu Dis have had to put out an appeal for oxygen concentrators to help Covid patients as the virus rages across the West Bank, hospitals are overflowing and equipment is in very short supply. Covid is raging in Palestine, forcing a new lockdown and striking the heart of the community.
This is an issue of racism, apartheid and violence as our other posts explain.  Right now as people are dying of Covid, HELP US PROVIDE oxygen concentrators for Abu Dis clinic please!

Come along to our fundraiser SONGS FOR PALESTINE with musicians from Palestine and UK this Saturday to raise money for oxygen   concentrators for the Al Muqassed Health Centre, Abu Dis –   TICKETS

If you cannot make it on Saturday, please make a donation on this website HERE and mark it ‘oxygen’.

Also do please sign our petition for vaccines for Palestine  HERE

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