Linking together for human rights

Stop the killing

صور الشهداء 1

We call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza to end the appalling killing, maiming and destruction there . We also cannot forget the West Bank where things have been extremely bad since 7th October (while not good, before). The war in Gaza has given Israel cover to impose a siege and a war of a different kind on Palestinians in the West Bank.  Roads closed with checkpoints and with concrete … Read More →

Youth visit delayed

We were very disappointed to delay the children’s visit for which so many people had worked so hard, and for which we’d built a really exciting programme. A very big thank you to our friends across England and Wales as well as to our partners in Palestine. The massive outburst of hostilities has made it the wrong time now for the chikdren to travel to he UK – we hope … Read More →

Palestinian youth visit Oct- Nov 2023

At the end of October, a group of 10 Palestinian young people together with 4 leaders will be coming to the UK to meet young people here, share experiences together and tell each other about their lives. This is part of CADFA’s Building Hope | Voices from Palestine project which brings people together to learn about each other and what they can do to promote human rights.The visitors will be … Read More →

Sponsored walks for the youth visit

ابوديس 3

Young people in Abu Dis (and others in other places in Palestine) took part yesterday in the sponsored walk to raise money for the youth visit to the UK later this month – please help here…/abdulwahab-sabbah… Photo credits Abu Dis: Adam Abuzanad / Assawiyah Sameh Sahrouj – more to follow

Palestinian student visit to the UK

طلاب 5

The next step in the Building Hope | Voices from Palestine project is our youth visit in October, November but we are already getting organised for a university student visit from Al Quds University which will take Palestinian voices to other parts of the UK. We are beginning to work with students and people working in universities across the country to raise the money for this exciting visit and to … Read More →

Youth visit preparations under way!

Here is a picture of young people on our last year’s youth exchange eating fish and chips with the head teacher in a school they visited! The preparations for the 2023 visit ir are well under way. The visa applications have been done and we are excited to meet our group of ten young people with four leaders in late October. We are still fundraising and would appreciate your help!  DONATE … Read More →