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طلاب 2Through the  Building Hope project, CADFA works with groups all over England and Wales to increase the  number of group visits from Palestine to the UK, including students’ visits (often in January), women’s visits (often in March), youth visits (often in July) and others.

The aims are

 To bring groups of Palestinians on regular visits across England and Wales to speak about their experience | To reach new people and work with a variety of groups | To spread awareness of the human rights situation in Palestine to people across England and Wales | To encourage people to be active in promoting human rights in Palestine


(1) Information for partners on  BH visits to the UK: Discussion sheet  /  Project partner checklist / Activity checklist Ensure that you have the policies and risk management procedures.

(2)  Information for hosts 

(3) Information for leaders and helpers from CADFA

(4) Information for visitors

طلاب 5

How you can help the Building Hope| Voices from Palestine project

 JOIN here  CADFA joining form   – 

DONATE HERE (all donations here go directly to the Building Hope project)


Palestine launch of Building Hope on 10th Sept 2022 VIDEO HERE – Introduction to Building Hope from a meeting with partners is HERE


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