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Let them breathe

While Israel has vaccinated most of its people and plans to open up again after the lockdown, vaccine apartheid is still real for Palestinians who are just beginning to get some Covid vaccine from China, Russia and COVAX.. not enough yet and the vaccine roll-out has not yet been felt in towns like Abu Dis (23rd March 21). There is health apartheid in occupied Palestine too – while Israeli settlers … Read More →

Problems with water

water 1

The December 2020 human rights report is here.  Dec 20 human rights report Most parts of Palestinians’ lives are affected by the military occupation and apartheid imposed by Israel. Water is one example, with the allocation of water in the West Bank itself controlled by Israel and unequally divided, so there is already a general shortage of water in Abu Dis. Israeli settlers moving into the West Bank have at least … Read More →

This is not right – Please write.

فتاة بريطانية

 In late January,  a seventeen-year-old Palestinian youth was shot and killed by an Israeli soldier in Haris village in the West Bank), leaving a family and a village heart-broken, but (because this has often happened before) with no expectation that Israel will take any serious action in relation to this incident or to prevent the next one.  Palestinian families are always frightened about their  young people, because incidents like this … Read More →

Encouraging you to be involved…


We’re still in lockdown but there is lots to do. Please have a read and come and join us! February 2021 notices These bowls are made in Palestine and available from Cafe Palestina, Kentish Town (after lockdown) or from

House invasion in Abu Dis

House invasion by the Israeli army early this morning in the old part of Abu Dis. This huge mess was left by the Israeli soldiers in the house of Mohammad Afana which they entered, searched and turned upside down at 3 in the morning, damaging some pieces of furniture. They then arrested his son Ali. Mohammad’s brother’s house was also invaded and searched by the army. 653 People reached 43 … Read More →