Linking together for human rights

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HR picketUpdated January 2022

CADFA campaigns for human rights and respect for international law in Palestine.

We have been collecting information on human rights violations around Abu Dis since 2004 and have been appalled at what we have found. Our human rights reports tell more.

We were appalled to discover that in 20 years between 2000 and 2020, ten thousand Palestinians had been killed by Israeli soldiers and settlers with impunity and without international outcry, for example in our own country.

We campaign for the right of free speech on Palestine so that we can make progress against the current cruel apartheid.

We support our friends in Abu Dis in calling for their human rights and against the regular violations.  This means campaigning against the Separation Wall, against travel restrictions, against child imprisonment and administrative detention (imprisonment without trial).

During the past two years, two young people were killed at the dangerous Israeli checkpoints close to Abu Dis – and Israel is still holding their bodies. We are joining with the families of Ahmed Eriqat and Mai Afana and demanding their bodies back so that they can be buried.