Linking together for human rights

Sonunu project – school and youth links

CADpairFA have been bringing teachers and students from the UK and Palestine together in creative projects for many years. In the past, our visits between the two countries helped. During Covid, we could no longer organise youth visits and instead we helped link a number of schools in the UK and Palestine through Zoom.

This was our SONUNU project which brought school and youth club groups together, typically once a week, and the young people told each other about their schools and home towns. Some helped produce a calendar, some made short films, some did some beginning Arabic or discussed particular issues. Most of them talked about human rights and joined a human rights day to which all the schools were invited on Zoom.

Sonunu activities have also included work in Palestine on media and ‘speaking out’ (advocacy) and plans are being made for a summer project which will include visits of young Palestinians from different parts of Palestine to each other – ‘Beyond the Checkpoints’. In March 2022, young Palestinians contributed to a zoom conference on Youth Links with Palestine – recordings from this will shortly be available.

Also, excitingly, preparations are now under way for our first youth visit between the two countries for two years. We are now expecting that our youth visit to Britain will bring students from the Sonunu schools at the end of June and into July 2022.  The young people coming are aged 14-15 and are all boys. (Our last youth visit was all girls; we often run mixed visits but this is a little group as we have no external funding so we thought a small visit with just two leaders would be a good idea). They have been involved in the Zoom links described above. they come from 4 different places in the West Bank, villages and small towns. They will visit their partner schools and some others, meet a lot of young people and also take part in a number of public events including a conference on 10th July about school links with Palestine – see Events.

We welcome new schools in the UK and Palestine to get involved in the Sonunu project – we facilitate links, interpret/ translate and can lead group projects of various sorts.

* We would like to thank the MSN Fund for their help with this project in 2021-22.*