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 In late Januaryشهيد قلقيلية,  a seventeen-year-old Palestinian youth was shot and killed by an Israeli soldier in Haris village in the West Bank), leaving a family and a village heart-broken, but (because this has often happened before) with no expectation that Israel will take any serious action in relation to this incident or to prevent the next one.  Palestinian families are always frightened about their  young people, because incidents like this happen too often.
In this case, it turned out (from the Jerusalem Post) that his killer was a UK woman who had joined the Israeli army as a volunteer.
This raises the question of how this is allowed by the UK government. Firstly, what the British government will do in this case: having killed this boy, the woman in question can surely not return to the UK with no questions asked? And more generally, how can the UK be allowing its citizens to take up arms in the West Bank to enforce an occupation that breaks international law and a situation that is regularly described as apartheid.
We would be grateful if you would help to raise this i important issue with the Foreign Office

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