Time for urgent action in Palestine. Letter to our representatives.


At the end of their time in Palestine, the UK members of the twinning visit decided to send a letter to MPs, MEPs and other policy makers. This is it…

Dear ….

We have just taken part in the Twinning in Action programme* and have been in Palestine for twelve days. During this time, we have visited villages, towns, refugee camps, the countryside, Jerusalem, a Bedouin community, universities, schools, youth clubs, an ex-prison, been through military checkpoints, seen the growing Israeli settlements (including many new settlements) all over the hills, and heard numerous stories from people of all sorts whom we met through the programme or people that we met by chance. We have heard of people’s mothers, husbands, children, friends, killed, injured, imprisoned – We see a whole community constrained by pass laws reminiscent of apartheid South Africa.

It is now 68 years since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and we are appalled to see the suffering of people here, the systematic violation of their human rights, the deep divisions along ethnic lines and to find so many feeling so hopeless.

Information on all of these issues is in the public sphere and must be well-known. It is clear that there have been years of statements and fine speeches, but the urgent issue is for real action to make international law apply here and for human rights to be respected equally for all people including Palestinians.

This is a matter of urgent priority and we are asking for your help (See the CADFA petition attached, for example.)  We would be happy to come and to speak to you further on this issue if it would help to make it central to your concerns.

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