Linking together for human rights

British and Palestinian students’ exchange

An exciting student exchange is taking place with students from Britain joining students from the Al Quds University for 12 days of discussion, activities and media production. We added a special day into their programme at the last minute, because the timing coincided with the Al Quds University Model UK simulation – So on their first day, they dressed in suits and smart clothes and joined with other students in … Read More →

Time for urgent action in Palestine. Letter to our representatives.


At the end of their time in Palestine, the UK members of the twinning visit decided to send a letter to MPs, MEPs and other policy makers. This is it… Dear …. We have just taken part in the Twinning in Action programme* and have been in Palestine for twelve days. During this time, we have visited villages, towns, refugee camps, the countryside, Jerusalem, a Bedouin community, universities, schools, youth … Read More →

Twinning in Action visits to Palestine: leaders first

The next stage of the Twinning in Action project is a series of exchanges to Palestine: leaders’ training followed by exchanges of students, women, and young people (school students).  These were delayed for some time while our  main funder (Erasmus +) decided whether they were happy to allow exchanges to Palestine.  Happily this was finally agreed so the first of the exchanges, a leaders’ training, took place in early February. … Read More →