British and Palestinian students’ exchange

An exciting student exchange is taking place with students from Britain joining students from the Al Quds University for 12 days of discussion, activities and media production. We added a special day into their programme at the last minute, because the timing coincided with the Al Quds University Model UK simulation – So on their first day, they dressed in suits and smart clothes and joined with other students in representing a country or an organisation in a Model UN committee.
Then our exchange started in earnest with a weekend in a Jericho residential, where Palestinian students introduced their lives to the British group and the British group did a wonderful presentation of life in Britain through a sketch based on a family watching TV. The group gelled through a series of games, workshops and an outing to Al Owja, a beautiful valley in the nearby hills, full of water, goats and holiday makers. They left the sun of Jericho and travelled up the Jordan Valley (learning about the settlements and the difficult life for Palestinians in ‘Area C’ where all Palestinian building is prohibited) to Nablus, for a visit to An Najah University. Since then, they have visited youth centres, universities, towns and a refugee camp, all the time working in on a media product to be revealed at the final conference this coming Saturday.
We can’t wait to see what they’re going to show us and hope to post it here. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the Twinning in Action blog for some glimpses into the project.

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