Youth exchange of CADFA’s Twinning (Students) 2016


Fifteen young people from the UK joined over twenty from Palestine for ten days from  of discussion, exploration, creative workshops in art, cooking, photography, learned about each other’s lives and became firm friends.not just friends ,we became family like brothers and pic












At  the second day ,that is 16 th july, we had in the morning workshops all the groups after the meeting with Abed and Nandita .Then another time went to see abudes. Some of group went to arts,onther to how to do films, cooking. we had much fun times and take many photos. and heard for some issues occupation , like my cousin, bayan*s brother,nadin*s cousin also .






At the tierd day, Beatlahem day, unfourcuntly I didn’t go because my university . but I heard what the guys went. they went to Church of the Nativity,and see old city.

and then in afternoon when the guys retain we had eating musakan / and then go to reem house , we had much fun times as well take selfies.
At the fourth time that is 18th JULY . The big day that is my birthday and two mens go to free from prisen from 12 years. It has been divided into two groups,black and white groups to alquds university .and the red and green to bedwim place.

We with my groups go to alQuds university,that my own university.We wento see the university and abu jehad museum that its full about the prisoners and what they did in the prison (like letters to them families, hand made ,and many photos).




And then when we finish the tour in the university, the groups take me to restaurant (comaro restaurant) they surprised me , they gave a cake and celebrate, take me best gift, I really remember this like its now happened,then when we finished celebrabte went again to the university, birthd ay with all groups, that made it by the UK and went to dar al sadaqa, again surprised me a celebrate another friends, and wrote to me many

beautiful things, that the best memories, and then see the celebrate of the prisoners thay went to be free




The next day 19 July , we meet at al sadaqa , Issa ayad , who teach us about how doing films and make videos , then we have to see again abudes and have much fun day , we saw the ancient old library which is stubleshid in 1987 that is funding by Imarites presdints helped the students for reading, take to them stories,and education .and its all a charity .



And see Abudes and Bethne, we have much fun day






Ramallah day its 20 July , the times run very quickly when all the guys coming , we went to camping in ramaalh camp and eat with them good foods, then we went to alquds university apartment that for media , and we have fun to do interview ,one part from Palestinian ,one part from the UK, and when we finished we went to Ramallah to have some shopping .that really nice day .

the Jericho day ,21 july the best day. in the morning we had to prepare for the alqelt valy final confernse and do some arts ,cooking . then went to Jericho to the alqelt valy and be in the afternoon to see shops in Jericho






abudes day again, 22 July , Well done to all the UK participants for explaining what they’ve learned about Palestine with the help of their Palestinian friends.

then the cooking by the white group .


Jerusalem day, 23 July, the day to remember , first thing if we want to go to Jerusalem ,you will across by discuse checkpoint. The Palestinian who have a green ID didn’t allow to visit Jerusalem , that is very sadly ,we went to zaytona checkpoints ,then to Jerusalem

When we arrived to Jerusalem we went to THE Damscuse gate then to  al Aqsa mouse, the Dome of the rock. the homely safe, calm and to pray.





Here when we are inside the dome of the rock .

we went to see old city by the guide,we had some groups(black and white) to sarya center to know about it , and some of the other went o al quds university social work(red and green), when we were in sarya center,then go to the toproof to see dome of the rock from above and eat our launch .and we have shops and retain to alqsa mousqe again to pray.

so the time goes quickly this tha penultimate day , 24July . we were at abudes to had a finial prepare for the last day and then we have off o day so went to al quds university again. and then went to the wall to draw something like (freedom keeping going)and others





the day was 25 July . Day final  for all things we had it

Certificates and the final day of the youth exchange. With big thanks to our partners Dar Assadaqa and Al Quds University. And big thanks for the big boss Nandita dawson and Abed

The last day, the sad day, sadness for our friends want to leaving us and retain to their homes, we didn’t want them to leaving us , we became more than just friends, we became like family.

We really injoyed and had much fun day .


















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