Very different lives

Abu Dis
An innocent question from a Welsh school group to a Palestinian school group on a Zoom meeting today jumped straight into the heart of the human rights issues…
“Where do you go on holiday?” Silence from the Palestinians who are so confined…
We asked the Welsh group where they go (Spain, Australia!.. and some not of course). Then we asked, “How many of you have been to the sea?” (All of them)  “How many of you have been to the Mediterranean?” (Two of the Welsh students).
Then we asked the Palestinian students how far they are from the sea (If no walls or checkpoints or occupation of course, it would maybe be an hour?). And if any of them had been to the Mediterranean, ever… (of this group, NONE).
We showed the Welsh group this photograph that shows one reason why it is hard for their Palestinian friends, living in the Jerusalem suburb, even to go to Jerusalem.

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