Linking together for human rights

Children’s Day and the CADFA Sonunu project

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(An invitation to schools and youth clubs to join our Sonunu project and to all of you to see the young people’s work in our calendar and in the Spotlight on Human Rights events in December as well as to help with a youth workers’ exchange from Palestine to the UK in the new year) We are so much enjoying working with dozens of young people at the moment in … Read More →

Spotlight on human rights in Palestine: PROGRAMME

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The human rights situation is so serious in Palestine that we have decided this year not just to hold an event on Human Rights Day (10th December) but to work with a number of partner groups and hold events that each focus on a different human right that is systematically denied to Palestinians. There will be in-person events, Zoom events, street events and a final Zoom event on 12th December … Read More →