Children’s Day and the CADFA Sonunu project

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(An invitation to schools and youth clubs to join our Sonunu project and to all of you to see the young people’s work in our calendar and in the Spotlight on Human Rights events in December as well as to help with a youth workers’ exchange from Palestine to the UK in the new year)
We are so much enjoying working with dozens of young people at the moment in Palestine and the UK, helping them get to know about each other and their lives and to discuss human rights. Together they have done drawings for a 2022 calendar that will soon be ready, together they have started to make films about human rights and the parts that are done are very good. In some schools they are putting up posters, in others contributing to newsletters, in others holding assemblies. We invite new schools and youth clubs to take part. And we are so happy that in the new year, we will bring a delegation of Palestinian youth workers to Britain to meet British teachers and youth workers and plan…. our next youth visits, we hope!
Too many things to show you so here is a picture of a banner saying “Linking Together for Human Rights” done by a group in a Welsh  school and a film from a group in a Palestinian youth club who are both working with partner schools  via the Sonunu project ..

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