A year of action for a reason

musicleafletsCADFA’s Annual Report 2015-16

shows a year full of activity, in Camden, in Abu Dis, in exchanges between Britain and Palestine; with women, with university students, with young people and others. It also discusses the human rights situation in Abu Dis and Palestine between April 2015 and March 2016 – All this action is for a cadfa hillsreason: to raise awareness and work for human rights in Palestine.

Linking together for human rights.

We will be discussing this report at CADFA’s AGM on 19th November at 7pm and hope that many members will be able to join us. If you are not a CADFA member, you can join now on thisابوديس ايار 2 website.

1 thought on “A year of action for a reason”

  1. My name I am a student Qusay Bassam mashahreh
    From the School of male secondary Abu Dis thank this British support, who came to Palestine, and especially Professor Edward nicknamed (eid) Although I am a Palestinian, but I speak English fluently and thank you to everyone who participated in this support and I hope to visit Britain, and especially London. ..Thanks for all
    qusay mashahreh♥♥♥

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