Rejuvenated links and new media

CADFA’s first two exchanges to Palestine in the Twinning in Action project were a great success – thank you to Erasmus +group pic (our funder) for agreeing to this.

The first of these was a leaders’ training and networking visit which brought Palestinians and British twinning leaders together to discuss the work and plan for the next stage. Part of the work was to prepare for the following youth exchanges, and part was a focus on media and communication.

The second exchange to Palestine: a visit of brought university students from Britain to Palestine where they worked with students from the Al Quds University. It was so exciting! All the students involved learned so much about each other, made firm friends and worked in groups to make presentations and short films for the final conference at the Al Quds University.

By request, we made this into a competition, and the contributions of each group were so good that it was hard to choose. However we are certain that the green group had produced the winner, and here it is.

We were very happy about the outcomes of the project on all levels, and particularly the enthusiasm there is for further action, At the end of the project, the students focused on ways to keep the students in the two countries in contact and rejuvenate student links. Each student made an action plan before the project finished. In both countries, the students are planning to meet again as groups and support each other in implementing their plans.

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