3- CADFA books and films of Palestinian stories

CADFA books are36200309_10155241267462003_7574326438841548800_n available from Cafe Palestina or from cafepalestina.co.uk. Links to some of our films are below.

The First Six Days (2007) focuses on Abu Dis people’s experiences during the 1967 occupation of the West Bank. 1948 was the first huge dispossession at the formation of the state of Israel and 1967 was not the beginning of Palestinians’ problems. but it was the momentous beginning of the direct occupation for the people of Abu Dis.  “These stories of June 1967 are memories of panic and chaos, huge pressures on people to make huge decisions in minutes with only partial information…”

Voices from Abu Dis  (2008) Personal accounts by people old and young from Abu Dis about their lives living military occupation. The book includes resources to explain of the situation: “We realised that there is something so obvious to people in Abu Dis that they do not explain it: the Israelis who came to Palestine as military occupiers are not interested in living together with Palestinians but in taking over the land.”

For Hammam: A Handbook for Young People about Human Rights in Palestine (2009) Information for young people, looking at the human rights situation in Palestine, based on the work of young people from Palestine and Britain on a CADFA exchange. The book includes stories of children’s experiences of life under occupation. The book includes useful teaching material – a questionnaire, and quizzes and reference pages on human rights, international humanitarian law and children’s rights.

Stories from our Mothers (2010)  – Stories of Palestinian women’s experiences under occupation from 1948 onwards. The book in Arabic and English is also testimony to the power of exchange, produced on a CADFA project in 2009 and 10. “A wonderful addition to the Palestinian narrative – women’s oral history that is rarely heard” (Ghada Karmi).

Look at our Lives (2011) – A book of photographs and stories by university students, comparing Palestinian students’ lives under Israeli occupation to the lives of students in the UK. The book argues the usefulness of twinning links between students’ groups in both places and suggests ways to keep these links strong and active.

CADFA films – Look out for

  • Stories from our Mothers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17pgxEA-EEI
  • The Great Wall of Palestine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pm4hAB9Xm1c
  • The New Map of Abu Dis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ROLU8UOJ8g
  • I want to Watch the Football https://youtu.be/FShmlevIBo4

The films on these two YouTube channels are made by participants on CADFA projects.

Camden Abu Dis Youtube channel

Camden2AbuDis Youtube channel





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