Snapshots from a women’s visit to Palestine

النساء ابوديس 9 الجامعة الطبيخ 4The CADFA women’s visit to Palestine in November brought together twelve women from all over Britain and took them for a week of activities with women in the University and town of Abu Dis, meetings with women (and others) in the centre and south of the West Bank.
ابوديس 2
القدس 1Lots of seeing, learning and discussion. It was lovely to meet women friends old and new but very difficult to see that the pressures on them all (already severe) have been really increased recently. As well as all the hurdles – the Wall, the checkpoints, the land seizure for settlements and the racist treatment in every way, while we were there hardly a day went by without hearing of another young person who had been killed by the Israeli army.

 الخليل 4

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