Human Rights Day 2022

ابوديس 7The human rights situation in Palestine remains very bad. As well as quieter violations that continue on every front, this year the reports of murders of Palestinians by the Israeli army and settlers seems to be incessant – currently standing at over 200 people with all the pain around them as well as the loss of life.

Every year, we mark human rights day (10th December) and last year had a series of talks, each on a separate right and its violations in Palestine – Sadly, these are not out of date and we will issue them as recordings on human rights day.

This year we will have a conference of four meetings, though we have had to change the timings of two as they clash with matches in the World Cup that our friends are very keen to see… so please note new timings in ‘events’ below.  Look out for Spotlight on Human Rights/ info on the Building Hope project/ Women, Human Rights and Palestine and Schools, Human Rights and Palestine.

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