Miral Ayyad and Mazaj band

Thank you so much to Miral Ayyad and Mazaj band for helping CADFA and the Maqassed Clinic Abu Dis in a wonderful fundraising concert on Zoom last Saturday – It was memorable and we are very grateful. The Maqassed Health Centre are under financial pressure as is CADFA at this difficult time, and we would be grateful for further donations that can be sent in (and will be divided between the two organisations). Best wishes to Miral with the beautiful voice and to Mazaj, we were very honoured to have your help and hope to meet you soon in person.


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  1. Paul Hughes-Smith

    Thank you so much to Mazaj for a wonderful performance even though the sound quality on Zoom is terrible so would love to hear them live insh’allah in the future.I will be donating to the Maqassed Health Centre

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