Wonderful women’s visit

We’reWOMEN so proud of this wonderful visit, our great visitors and amazing volunteers and helpers in the UK – This was a special visit because it involved old friends from Abu Dis with whom we’ve been linking right back (in some cases) to 2005, and new and old friends in the UK from across the country – Bradford, Cornwall, Salisbury, Whitstable, Worcester, Chichester, Hastings, Reading and London of course. What a collection of useful activities, International Women’s Day events and positive outcomes! Writing just after it, with our friends still in quarantine in Palestine having returned from the UK at the time of the spread of the Corona virus, all of us passionately hope that what we remember from the visit is the strong, positive energy at meeting after meeting and our enjoyment in being together – Let’s get through this ugly virus phase and return to this optimistic work.

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