Solidarity in Isolation: first event for Land Day 30th March.

Solidarity in Isolation – first event of many, for Land Day 30th March.
Strength to our friends in Palestine, the UK and elsewhere during this horrible Corona crisis. Also remembering that the Israeli occupation is moving on its human rights violations despite the lockdown – land expropriation for settlements, احمد عريقاتimprisonment and yesterday the assassination of a young man of 22 in Nailin. CADFA is spending its time shut away from the street preparing many on-line activities, events, workshops, meetings and campaigns. More info follows soon. Our first public event will be on LAND DAY 30th March. We have musicians from Palestine to take part as well as speakers and ideas from both countries, Now looking for musicians from the UK to make this a shared solidarity event. #LinkingTogether4HumanRights

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