Seven pledges for human rights

We’re very concerned to see a serious step against freedom of speech on Palestine as candidates to be party leader  (currently Labour, could be any other party) are being asked to accept a series of pledges 3-10- مواجهات في كبسهindicating accepting all parts of the IHRA definition of anti-semitism including its controversial examples. These conflate criticism of racism by Israel and anti-semitism in a way that we and many others (including vocal Jewish groups) cannot accept.  The IHRA definition harms free speech. We demand the right to tell the truth about the actions of the Israeli government as well as about any other country or situation.

We would like all candidates and politicians to accept the following ‘human rights pledges.’  These are crucial issues for the decent treatment of human beings whatever their background and particularly relevant at the moment to allow effective campaigns for human rights and against racism and apartheid in the case of Israel/ Palestine.

Do you agree with these?



1 I aim to uphold the universal declaration of human rights (and following declarations) both in my dealings within Britain and other countries.

2 I aim to uphold international law including international humanitarian law both in my dealings within Britain and other countries.

3 I understand that human rights law applies equally to people of all backgrounds, ethnicities etc.

4 I stand firmly for equal rights and against racism. It is not acceptable to argue that one people is superior to another because they are from a different ethnic group. I therefore stand against any hierarchy of racism.

  1. I will do all in my power to end the systematic persecution of one racial group by another (such as apartheid in South Africa) – this is seen by the United Nations as a crime against humanity.
  2. I support the work of people who are working for equality, fighting racism and aiming to promote human rights and respect for international humanitarian law.
  3. I uphold freedom of speech and believe that people have the right to describe a situation of persecution where it exists.

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