Palestinian Voices Matter

We were proud to have young people from Palestine visit with the girls’ football visit last November/ Dfootball girlsecember,  taking with them to many schools, tournaments and activities of all sorts both happy things (smiles, football) and more seriously a knowledge of the human rights violations they suffer under the Israeli occupation.

One of the distinctive parts of CADFA’s work is to create links between people in the UK and in Palestine so that we here in the UK can learn what is happening in Palestine and how it affects people in their daily lives. We are also pleased that (though we have no big external funding as we used to) we are going to have two more exchanges in the next three months under the title ‘Palestinian voices matter,’ a university students’ visit and a women’s visit. The importance of hearing directly from Palestinians themselves is underscored by the pressure on our media and politicians not to tell these stories. Do please join us, help with the visits, contribute if you can, and come and hear our guests.

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