Visit Palestine with CADFA August 2019

This is a very special eight-day CADFA visit to Palestine, in late August 2019. Run together with Cafe Palestina, this visit cadfa visitwill not only allow you to meet people and organisations, see places and learn about the situation in Palestine, but allow you to focus on a proud area of Palestinian culture – the wonderful food and the ways of cooking it – with lots of opportunity to build your own skills!

We have run dozens of serious and stimulating visits to Palestine in the past fifteen years – taken hundreds of people on well-run and safe, human rights-focused visits led by Palestinians. Do come if you can to our meeting on 18th April to hear from past CADFA visitors and to get more information – while knowing that this culinary visit is the first of its kind and we are so much looking forward!

(Dates given are approximate)

Application form for this visit is here;

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