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Visit Palestine with CADFA August 2019

cadfa visit

This is a very special eight-day CADFA visit to Palestine, in late August 2019. Run together with Cafe Palestina, this visit will not only allow you to meet people and organisations, see places and learn about the situation in Palestine, but allow you to focus on a proud area of Palestinian culture – the wonderful food and the ways of cooking it – with lots of opportunity to build your … Read More →

Palestinian children’s day

Palestinian childrens day

Palestinian children’s day. Wishing the day will come soon when these beautiful children and all other Palestinian children can enjoy all the rights of children and their families all the rights that all human beings deserve.

Poems: Jerusalem and the West Bank


Poems: Jerusalem and the West Bank April 20, 2019 The Walls There they go, marching, winding, Imposing their fortresses on the hilltops, Grey, cold concrete, relentless and heartless, barring the land from its people, so its lies unused, forlorn olive trees uncared for. Some of it contaminated by waste and excrement released by Israeli colonists. At times they are painted, these walls, with angry, beautiful, peaceful images recalling the world’s … Read More →

Hearing about CADFA visits to Palestine

Join us on Thursday 18th (6.30 pm food available, 7.30 talks) to hear from recent CADFA visitors to Palestine about their experience.  They will show pictures and be available for questions and answers. We hope this will encourage you to visit Palestine if you have not been before. The feedback from these well-run visit is excellent, and we have the following coming up this year… A GENERAL visit in June … Read More →

Football 4 Freedom

CADFA are working now to raise the money for a Palestinian girls’ football visit to the UK – we hope in October 2019. The Abu Dis girls’ football club started about three years ago, and since that time we have wanted to reinforce the links there are with Abu Dis by bringing girls over here to play football with girls from Camden. It has been a long time coming but we … Read More →

“Brilliant, a lot of lessons and knowledge learnt with some difficult truths.”


We keep going with these visits because they are greated so strongly by the people who take part. This title is part of one of the evaluations from our recent CADFA visit to Palestine – as usual on our visits, the participants were all very enthusiastic about the organisation, the people met, and the experience – but very sad to find out about the situation in Palestine.  The picture is the group photographed … Read More →