Looking forward to today’s conference and AGM

conf roomHere’s the events room at CADFA ready for the conference today – so looking forward to a useful discussion in our new home.  We have good speakers lined up for our conference – but it won’t be all listening!  We will have workshops and films as well as talks in person and on Skype by Abdulwahab Sabbah (Abu Dis), Dr Munir Nusseibeh and Hiyam Elyan (Jerusalem) – Our guest from Jabal al-Baba is STILL waiting for his passport to come back from Jerusalem, which means he will not be with us in person,  showing yet again the relevance of our Visa Equality campaign.  We’ll hear from participants in CADFA’s Ma’an project, from a local school, from a CADFA visit and from CADFA women’s links – and talk about CADFA’s next steps. We know that we’ll also meet lots of good people, new and old friends.

HERE is the CADFA trustees’ report 2017-18 which we will discuss in the AGM.

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