May 2018: a terrible month in Palestine.

Theرمضان شهر أيار human rights report from Abu Dis, May 2018 describes a particularly terrible month in Abu Dis and Palestine as a whole, of course. The conflict moved to another stage of rawness in all the areas of racist and unequal treatment of Palestinians by the Israeli government and military. The US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem (despite the previous international consensus against) seemed to signal a dramatic upturn in Israeli expulsion of Palestinians and building of Israeli settlements. This was the time of the celebrations by Israel for the 70th anniversary of the founding of their state and a time of commemoration by the Palestinians for the 70th anniversary of the Nakba (demolition of Palestinian villages, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians expelled and not allowed back to their homes). The peaceful demonstrations on the border of Gaza that had begun on the Land Day on March 30th continued into demonstrations on the Gaza border calling for the right The Israeli government was building the framework for even further systematic oppression of Palestinians, and doing this inside its legal system at the same time as preparing the infrastructure for new settlements across the West Bank.

The report is attached here.



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