Linking together for human rights

Preparing for the CADFA conference 2018

We’re looking forward to CADFA’s conference 2018 which will take place on 14th July.  The conference will bring members together for an update on the serious situation in Palestine in summer 2018 as well as a discussion on the next steps for CADFA as an organisation promoting human rights in Palestine.  We are looking forward to hearing from speakers from Abu Dis, Jerusalem and from the Bedouin village of Jabal al- Baba as well as … Read More →

May 2018: a terrible month in Palestine.

رمضان شهر أيار

The human rights report from Abu Dis, May 2018 describes a particularly terrible month in Abu Dis and Palestine as a whole, of course. The conflict moved to another stage of rawness in all the areas of racist and unequal treatment of Palestinians by the Israeli government and military. The US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem (despite the previous international consensus against) seemed to signal a dramatic upturn … Read More →