Life in the West Bank now.

“There are manyabed initiatives, we hear about them on the media, but nothing changes on the ground… Israel is going to the right, they are getting more radical…We have been living under stress since 1967, it is getting worse, it is not normal as they want us to believe. Just yesterday, 4 people were killed. A couple were shot dead in their car, a Jordanian tourist was killed, a child was shot from a watch tower.. It’s boiling. The Israelis have 7000 people in their jails. Some of them are not released when they are promised but moved to administrative detention. It’s hard to find a family that isn’t affected by imprisonment. . So there are campaigns on the streets…Settlements are increasing. Israel is giving the rights to build more housing units, more settlers are moving in… Recently there has been army activity on the land of Abu Dis: we think this will lead to a new settlement. ..We are getting more and more constricted in our area… There is pressure on Bedouin to move from their villages … We have a shortage of water. We’re not allowed as much as we used to get…. “

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