Linking together for human rights

Life in the West Bank now.


“There are many initiatives, we hear about them on the media, but nothing changes on the ground… Israel is going to the right, they are getting more radical…We have been living under stress since 1967, it is getting worse, it is not normal as they want us to believe. Just yesterday, 4 people were killed. A couple were shot dead in their car, a Jordanian tourist was killed, a child … Read More →

Linking Together for Human Rights – Conference Sept 2016


The final conference of the 2-year Twinning in Action project took place on Saturday 17th. We’re very grateful to all those who gave their very best to make it a success. We had presentations from the links groups leaders who had spent the previous week reviewing the work of the last two years and working with local people to discuss and make plans for the next period. We had film … Read More →

Visit to Keir Starmer MP


CADFA members and visitors from Palestine visited our MP Keir Starmer to talk about the situation in Palestine and to ask for his support in the campaign for visa equality. We argue that while Israel holds on to Palestinian land and builds on it on defiance of International law, the UK should either treat Palestinians like Israelis (no visas needed for UK) or Israelis like Palestinians (long, expensive and complicated … Read More →

A busy autumn for CADFA

CADFA is gearing up now for an autumn of exchanges between the UK and Palestine.  In early September, the final group exchange of the Twinning in Action project will be an evaluation exchange of leaders from the two countries. The leaders will look at the work done over the past two years and consider what has been learned from the amazing series of exchanges to the UK and Palestine – … Read More →

Calling for visa equality.

We need to call on our government here in Britain to implement visa equality between Israelis and Palestinians. This is a call for equality, anti-discrimination, consistency and human rights. This is not just a practical issue about the way visas work. As I write, our Palestinian friends have had a long long road to travel to get the visas for our final Twinning in Action exchange. Half of the answers … Read More →