International women’s day event with KTCC

CADFA weleaflet13thre happy to celebrate International Women’s Day this year in London together with our local community centre KTCC. It was a great day! In the afternoon, women from CADFA and from KTCC shared skills of many sorts – languages, henna, egg-decoration, shiatsu, knitting, Bollywood dance. In the early evening, we had Lebanese food, the CADFA film Stories from our Mothers (you can also watch it here) and speakers from CADFA, KTCC and a local refugee campaign.

The evening was the high point – the hall filled up and we had singers and music: Claire Birkett, Pandorasdiary and the Soula Ensemble – with Shahd Abusamra performing and leading dabkeh.  What a wonderful atmosphere.

A big thank you to all performers and helpers and  to the audience who were wonderful too.

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