Linking together for human rights

International women’s day event with KTCC

CADFA weleaflet13thre happy to celebrate International Women’s Day this year in London together with our local community centre KTCC. It was a great day! In the afternoon, women from CADFA and from KTCC shared skills of many sorts – languages, henna, egg-decoration, shiatsu, knitting, Bollywood dance. In the early evening, we had Lebanese food, the CADFA film Stories from our Mothers (you can also watch it here) and speakers from CADFA, KTCC and a local refugee campaign.

The evening was the high point – the hall filled up and we had singers and music: Claire Birkett, Pandorasdiary and the Soula Ensemble – with Shahd Abusamra performing and leading dabkeh.  What a wonderful atmosphere.

A big thank you to all performers and helpers and  to the audience who were wonderful too.

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