A winter week in Abu Dis.

A WINTER WEEK IN ABU DIS INCLUDES… Cold. Heavy rain. Driving wind. A prisoner released. Israeli army invasion if the Al Quds University. At least 39 young people hurt. Arrests and imprisonment. Queues at checkpoints. Applications for permission to go to Jerusalem, some agreed with specific times on, others refused. The amputation of the leg of a young father in his 30s who had been shot on his way home, by the Israeli army, some time back. Lack of infrastructure in the town: problems with water, electricity, sewage. Settlement views to the east. Knowing that infrastructure, roads and all preparations for new housing, is expanding in the Israeli settlements. The call to prayer, under threat as settlers object. To the west the huge and menacing Separation Wall. Small holes in it where the youth shared, persisted and hammered a small space. Checkpoints to the north and south. Military camp in the top of the town. Shops. Taxis. Cars. Homes. Schoolkids with big bags. Lots of building. Rubbish in the streets (lack of infrastructure). Rubbish politics (personal point of view). Warm people. Beautiful children. Maklubeh. Birthday cake. Tiredness. Rubbish situation. But smiles. And defiance. And resilience. A rainbow. Hope.

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