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A Checkpoint for Women

We were sent this from Abu Dis: I was told by my sister Abeer that there was a checkpoint just for women on the University Street.  The soldiers stopped her for one hour together with 20 girls most of them from Al Quds University.  She added that the solders held her ID without telling her anything.  They released her but all the students were left there waiting. ————————– Note it … Read More →

“Sweet smell of Abu Dis”

My car smelt wonderful all Tuesday afternoon. It was filled with the aroma of freshly ground Arabic coffee: a fat mound of roasted beans, a good slug of cardamom pods, and a thin topping of more beans, pulverised into a smooth powder, and poured into four paper bags. Read more at:

One of the children who visited Camden in summer 2006 writes about the new Al-Zeitunah checkpoint

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم معاناة جديدة يعانيها سكان قرية ابوديس والعيزريه والسواحره من القوات الاسرائيلة قامت قبل اشهر القوات الاسرائيله  ببناء معبر يطلق عليه اسم الزيتونه وهو يفصل بين العيزريه والقدس وهو المخرج الوحيد الى القدس ولا يمكن الخروج عن طريقه الا بتصريح خاص وفقط للمرضى والعمال . وانا اليوم عانيت مشكله كبيره لاني ذهبت لاعمل تصريح لجدي لانه عمل عمليه قلب مقتوح  وهو يحتاج لتصريح لكي يبقى بالمستشفى ولهذا … Read More →

Checkpoint Birth

ON Sunday, 13th March 2007, Afaf Bader the pregnant wife of Motamed Bader from Abu Dis went to the Civil Department together with her husband after she received a letter from Almaqased Hospital proving that she had to be in the delivery room in the hospital to give birth.  But at the Civil Department they asked her to wait (like they do with everybody) so she waited so long that she started to give birth.  The Israeli guards … Read More →

Solana says he is shocked by settlement growth in occupied West Bank

Javier Solana, EU Foreign Policy Chief, toured several Arab towns near Jerusalem on Sunday and said that he is shocked by the Israeli settlement growth in the occupied West Bank. He called on Israel to freeze its settlement activities and stop the construction of the Annexation Wall. Solana stated that these activities could hinder the Arab-Israeli peace process. Read the full story here: