One of the children who visited Camden in summer 2006 writes about the new Al-Zeitunah checkpoint

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

معاناة جديدة يعانيها سكان قرية ابوديس والعيزريه والسواحره من القوات الاسرائيلة

قامت قبل اشهر القوات الاسرائيله  ببناء معبر يطلق عليه اسم الزيتونه وهو يفصل بين العيزريه والقدس وهو المخرج الوحيد الى القدس ولا يمكن الخروج عن طريقه الا بتصريح خاص وفقط للمرضى والعمال .

وانا اليوم عانيت مشكله كبيره لاني ذهبت لاعمل تصريح لجدي لانه عمل عمليه قلب مقتوح  وهو يحتاج لتصريح لكي يبقى بالمستشفى ولهذا السبب انا ذهبت  من الساعه 8 صباحا حتى الساعه 3 وانا انتظر حتى اعطوني تصريح وهذه مشكله كبيره جدا ونحن نعاني منها كثيرا لان المعبر يمنعنا من الوصل الى القدس ويمنع المرضى من الوصل الى المستشفى للعلاج  ويا ريت انشوف مساعده منكم

تحياتي الى اصدقاءنا في كامدن

This was sent to us on 21st June 2007 by one of the children who came to Camden in summer 2006..

In the name of God

There is a new suffering that the Israeli forces are making the people in the towns of Abu Dis, Azariyeh and Sawahreh endure.

It was a month ago that the Israeli forces build a terminal that they called al-Zeitunah which separates Azariyeh and Jerusalem.  This terminal is the only way to Jerusalem. It isn’t possible to go through it unless you have a special permit and that is only given to ill people or people who work there**.

Today I suffered a big problem because I went there to get a permit for my grandfather, because he had to have open heart surgery and treatment in hospital and he needs a permit so he can stay in the hospital. So for this reason I was there from 8 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon, and I waited until they gave me a permit. This is a very big problem and we are suffering a lot from it because the terminal prevents people getting to Jerusalem and prevents ill people from getting to their hospitals for treatment. I really hope for some help from you all with this.

Greetings to our friends in Camden.

Translator notes… **in fact, permits are not always given to ill people – currently about two-thirds of people given letters by Abu Dis doctors to allow them to go to Jerusalem hospitals are not allowed to go; and permits are not given to everyone who works in Jerusalem – very many people have lost their jobs in Jerusalem since the Wall was built

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