Linking together for human rights

Theft and No Choices

A picture of Sarah.

This is a picture of Sarah, whose family has recently discovered that a big area of their land has been taken by Israeli settlers – trees have been cut down and the settlers are preparing to build it. The family have been told that there was a notice put some years ago in Hebrew in an Israeli newspaper asking for the landowners to claim the land, and that as they … Read More →

Blue and Green IDs

My name is Fatheah Abu Hilal, and I am from Beit Hanina, a town near Jerusalem. I have five brothers and five sisters, and I am the oldest child in our family . I want to tell you that Beit Hanina is divided in to pieces by the Apartheid Wall. My father has a green (West Bank) ID and my mother has the blue (Israeli) ID . When I was … Read More →

Palestinian women’s Hackney visit ends in tragedy


Four Palestinian women who visited Hackney to discuss human rights experienced a tragic end to their trip, when Israeli soldiers shot dead a judge travelling on the same bus as them.       Read the full story here: