An amazing youth visit from Palestine

CADFA would like to thank all the people in Camden and across the country who worked so hard to help with the visit of a group of young Palestinians from the West Bank in late February and early March. We have been running visits of Palestinians to the UK (and, when it is possible, of people from the UK and elsewhere to Palestine) for most of twenty years now, but of course the current context of the wild war on Gaza made this an unlikely time to bring a group of Palestinians over to schools, youth clubs and community groups here … How really happy we are that we did!

There were fourteen visitors in total including ten school students.  They travelled all over the country – to Malvern and Worcester, Newport, Cardiff, Powys, Shropshire, Cheshire, Lancashire, Bedford as well as north, east and west London. They had all sorts of great experiences, boats and bowling and scouts meetings and music and even a snow-storm!  On the last evening, we had a beautiful event in Camden with wonderful musicians playing. The young visitors themselves spoke about the high points in the visit, and particularly how moved they were by the love and solidarity they found.

We are aorry to be slow in getting photos from the visit on here for you to see – these will follow shortly!

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