Exciting project that still needs support

مشروع ما وراء الحواجز صورة

The Beyond the Checkpoints project for Palestinian youth is getting under way in Palestine now, but still needs your help! This is the second year of this exciting project which takes young Palestinians from different places to see other parts of their country and develops their skills in presenting their own places to each other – in effect, it is a human rights advocacy course!

Young people from this course will be able to apply to join Cadfa’s Building Hope visit to the UK in the autumn. Here, the skills and confidence developed on Beyond the Checkpoints will help them to speak out to people about being a young person in Palestine.

Last year, the Beyond the Checkpoints project was really great and this year it will be bigger. Youth groups in TEN villages, cities and refugee camps are sending young participants and there will be a complex criss-crossing of the West Bank as people meet for workshops and visit each other’s places.

Even just paying for the transport is expensive, and as they start, we are still putting the pennies together and need help! Please help!

This is our main fundraising link 

and this one was set up from Palestine.

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