Stop the killings

Last Thursday saw the biggest Israeli army invasion into Jenin Refugee Camp in the West Bank for some time. The BBC (unusually) reported it and described tanks driving into the crowded residential area and upturning cars including at least one with someone in it. المظاهرة 1Huge damage was done to houses. Nine people were shot and killed, including a woman of sixty, and there were many people seriously wounded.

The situation in Palestine is getting even grimmer. Over two hundred Palestinians were s hot by the Israeli army in 2022 – including the journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh – and the situation looks set to be worse again this year, with over thirty people killed by the Israeli المظاهرة 2army already this year: more than one every day. CADFA (Camden Abu Dis Friendship Association) called a small demonstration on Saturday 28th in Kentish Town to call for human rights for Palestinians and an end to the killings.

Then on Friday, there were shootings of Israelis in Jerusalem, and a thirteen-year old boy in Silwan also fired at Israelis. Those planning to demonstrate paused to discuss: we didn’t want our demonstration misunderstood – should we leave it for another week? Or could we talk to people and explain that we aren’t supporters of ANY deaths, but we are calling for an end to the basic reasons for all of the misery in Palestine/Israel: the injustices, the takeover of land, the deep racism that is like apartheid, the human rights violations and the military cruelty against Palestinians that holds every family in fear and tension.

A tragic example we heard was that the boy involved in the violence was named after his grandfather who had been killed years ago in Jerusalem on his way to work, and that one of the two murderers (both Israeli settlers on Palestinian land) was Be- Gvir who is now part of the extremist Israeli government. Wrong leads to agony leads to more problems and the circle will only be cut if the world puts its money where its mouth is and enforces respect for human rights for everyone, not just for some.

The Camden demonstrators held up placards saying “Shireen Abu Aqleh Place.” CADFA has written to Camden Council to ask for the pedestrian canopy area at the corner of Kentish Town and Leighton Roads to be called after Shireen Abu Aqleh, an Al Jazeera journalist shot in Jenin in May 2022 and has made a petition that people can sign to support this call –


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