Beyond the Checkpoints conference

BLeed museum 3

There was extremely good audience feedback and great congratulations to the young Palestinians involved in the Beyond the Checkpoints project – as well of course as to the leaders who put in so much effort – at the Zoom conference on 24th August at which they spoke. Participants came with pictures and film of their visits to Aida Camp, Beit Leed, Assawiya, Aizariyeh, Abu Dis and Al Walajeh and had clearly gained a lot from the experience.

Participants talked of how much they had learned, and emphasised to the UK audience how new this was for them; they really hoped to be able to continue this experience themselves and wished it was available to everyone.   CADFA hopes tthat as part of the new Building Hope project we will be able to continue with this sort of project – we welcome your help!

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