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Tales from the youth visit 2022

received_556229152635988Monday 27th June – The group left Palestine: a first for the boys! Stayed the night ind8fedb55-0bc3-4d1a-9b6f-75b8c37336fe Amman.


Tuesday 28th June – First time in an airport… flight to London…. LONG time in the passport queue… but they arrived!

First tube train – from58890327-0cde-496c-af71-e93229543e1d Heathrow to Caledonian Road – then to Mark’s for a BBQ

Wednesday 9ccf91f0-f7ec-4aa7-99fb-aaff5d905c3929th June – A day in Camden and Islington. Cafe Palestina – Parliament Hill – Donating Abu Dis Girls’ artwork to their twin school – trampolining at the Sobell Centre – Welcome meal at Cafe Palestina.  One sad thing – Abed’s phone was stolen :(  :(



Thursday 30th June – A tourism day in dinoCentral London – Then a meeting with the Palestinian Ambassador Husam Zumlot – Nambassador photoatural History Museum – Brent eveWhatsApp Image 2022-06-29 at 9.23.52 PM (1)nt was the first try-out of the boys’ presentation on Being Young in Palestine – and it went very well!


Friday 1st July – A football training with Clapton Community FA – Rowing on the Shallow Ponds, Leytonstone – A first school visit and discussion with young people – more sports and a public event in Frenford Clubs, Ilford.







cafeyogaSaturday 2nd July – Roads with no checkpoints!

The group left London on their way north! First stop, a picnic in Northampton where the local group put up Palestinian-flag umbrellas. – Then back on the road going north. There were some problems with the van… it worked, but slowly… but got there!

northampton canalSunday 3rd July – Having arrived in Pendle, they had a relaxed day to recover from the long journey. Pictures here show them walking along by a canal – and later, setting up for a big public meeting with at least 100 people listening to the boys.

Monday 4th July – A day of meeting young people in Pal cakeAbed talking Mashs school schools and youth clubs. A special thank you to the kind person who made the cake with a Palestinian flag – the boys were delighted.

Tuesday 5th July- Today another school visit that went very well. Our visitors travelled on to Shrewsbury where they were met by a local Friends of Palestine group – had the chance for some fresh air and travelled to Craven Arms where again they were met and hosted by friends… and eventually got to Knighton.


Wednesday 6th July – A day of schools – A primary assembly, several secondary classes – and a chance to unwind in a walk on the hills. Then a chance to meet local people for tea at the Offa’sDyke Centre and rounders at the youth club.

Thursday 7th July – An amazing day in mid-Wales. Another school visit where our visitors talked to hundreds of students in big assemblies – and loved the school. Then a meeting with local people and a special adventure, a paddle-boarding lesson on a reservoir and a BBQ. And the sun shone!!

Friday 8th July – The visitors got some well-earned rest this morning as KS3 or the school they were to visit had to close for Covid – but the busy afternoon and evening made up for that. A hot drive to Hereford and visit to the old part of the city and the Mappa Mundi in the Cathedral with Palestine in the middle. A public event went very well and a meal with a Hereford friend before going off to Malvern for their new home for three nights.

Saturday 9th July was the EID and a Worcester day. Special thanks to friends from Worcester for arranging a special event with young people in the Horizon Centre befire a walk round the old city and to friends at Birchwood Hall fo5 a great barbecue in the evening.

Sunday 10th July was again hot and a special day in Ledbury where visitors met the Mayor, ran a stall of Palestinian products, enjoyed a Ledbury celebration festival  where this poem was written for them! They met up with Dee f4om the Poetry Festival,  visited local manor house Hellens and had another grear evening.. the last one in the UK.

Monday 11th July was the start of the long 2-day journey home. We had a new rented bus as the old slowcoach was just not going to manage on the motorway – thank you so much to Hugh for bringing it. A hot journey from the hills to Heathrow where chaos now seems notmal… and they got home in the afternoon of 12th July – just over 2 weeks.

Well done boys and great thanks to all the many helpers – it was a very good visit.



banner preparing the meeting


Pal cake


  1. Jean says:

    Welcome to the Palestinian young people but why are there no girls? I’m sorry to miss all this but I am 92 and disabledl

    Best of luck for the rest of your trip.
    Love and best wishes,

  2. Jean says:

    Yet more evidence of Israeli injustice to Arab citizens in Israel/Palestine.

  3. Tooba says:

    MashAllah. It was an honour to meet you guys. May Allah bless you all. Ameen ❤️✌

  4. Naila Rashid says:

    It was great to have you at our school, the year nine pupils loved your presentation!

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