A weekend of walks


For CADFA in both the UK and Palestine, this was a special weekend of sponsored walks with many people working to raise money for the Building Hope project, with special concentration on the Palestinian children’s visit of June-July.

In both countries, the walks were in special places – beautiful Wal al-Qilt, Palestine, and the lovely Offa’s Dyke Path on the 8756ff92-6f63-44a9-8310-3d397b5fe5c8Welsh border in the UK.  Many thanks to everyone young and old who walked miles to help, and many thanks to everyone who has donated (there is still time! – HERE )

We would like to give a special thank you to our friends in Radnor Palestine Links who hosted, cooked, made sandwiches, drove and helped in so many ways.

We are looking forward to seeing the Palestinian kids at the end of June (they are putting in for their visas now and we already have the air tickets!)



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  1. Please add me to your mailing list. I would love to know of your events at the Cafe and also how I can get involved with other programmes for Palestine. If I can, I would like to come and meet the youth workers visiting in June/July and maybe arrange for them to visit our bookshop in S. London. It would be good for them to see a place that is visibly involved with increasing the awareness of Palestine, in Britain.

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