A sad international women’s day

It wsad fatheaas a sad international women’s day event yesterday as the speakers from Abu Dis were talking on the day that a 14-year old,  Yamin Jaffal, had been buried; he was shot by an Israeli soldier two days ago in the middle of Abu Dis. We dedicated this evening to his mother.

Fathea (pictured)  and Abeer told people that as a Palestinian woman you will be the wife or mother or daughter of someone who has been killed or injured or imprisoned or otherwise abused by the Israeli occupation. And you will be suffering yourself from countless human rights violations.  Im Shadi told how her niece, living in Sheikh Jarrah, was shot on the balcony of her house and is still too unwell to go to school months later. Dalia told of her mother’s imprisonment and the campaign to free her.

It feels to us as all as if the intolerable situation for Palestinians is getting worse all the time.

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