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Between 17th April (Palestinian prisoner day) and 1st May (workers’ day), Abed will make a series of walks from the centre of Abu Dis in order to draw attention to the confinement of the people of Abu Dis, and toالجدار صورة raise money for CADFA. LINK HERE

He says…

I am walking to raise money for CADFA and to raise awareness about an important issue in our lives in Abu Dis, Palestine.

For nearly 20 years since the building of the Separation Wall, the people of Abu Dis (who were already living under military occupation) have been confined as prisoners in a ghetto.

Through my walk I want to show people how we are encircled by Israeli military walls, checkpoints and settlements – how all our lives we have lived under Israel military occupation and the situation is getting worse and worse – how we are facing human rights violations all around.

I want to raise money for the work of human rights charity CADFA which is working hard to take our voice outwards raise awareness and to change this situation.

I will be walking from the middle of Abu Dis to all of these places, starting on Palestinian prisoner day, 17th April and finishing by 1st May.

This will link my walks to the issue of Palestinian prisoners (17th April) – all of us are prisoners as you will see, and beyond that Abu Dis has around 35 people in prison including 5 in administrative detention (imprisoned with no trial) and around 5 under the age of 18. It will link my walk also to Workers’ Day, as many of the workers in Abu Dis queue for “permissions” to go to Jerusalem (now on the other side of the Wall) for work.

I will start on 17th April and do seven walks starting and finishing at the Youth Club in the middle of Abu Dis – one of these walks every other day, finishing by 1st May.

I will send back photos, interviews and stories from all of these places:

· Separation Wall at Kubsa

· Container checkpoint

· Wad Abu Hindi (the settlement rubbish tip), the tunnel under the Qidar road, the Bedouin threatened with eviction

· Duwar Wad an Nar (next to Maale Adumim settlement)

· Sheikh Saad checkpoint

· Zaitouneh checkpoint

· Azzayem checkpoint

I think the total will be around 50km but will share with you the exact distance when I have finished. I will be grateful for your interest and for anything you are able to contribute – HERE – thank you.



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