22 months of prison and another term of admin detention.

huthaifaHuthaifa Badr has been given ANOTHER 6 month term of imprisonment WITH NO TRIAL – yet another cruel story of administrative detention, that relic from the British Mandate that the Israelis use routinely and repeatedly and which must stop. There are currently over 350 Palestinian prisoners in administrative detention by Israel. These include also Ismael Khalaf, Haitham Ibaidat, Ahmad Jamous and Mohammed Saleh from Abu Dis. We call for the release of all of them.

Many of you supported Huthaifa (from Abu Dis) in 2019 when he was on hunger strike for his release, having been given a year with no trial and no hope of one. After 65 long hard days of no eating, they promised not to give him another extension and they released him last December. They then imprisoned him again in May, gave him a 6 month term and have now renewed it.

We call for Huthaifa’s release NOW, an end to administrative detention and to Israel’s policy of mass imprisonment of Palestinians. The picture of Huthaifa here is held by his grandmother during a solidarity activity in Abu Dis in August 2019 – This cruel mass imprisonment affects not only the hundreds of prisoners but the whole community.

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