A happy picture and a sad memory.

A groupJaffa group of young people from Abu Dis at Dar Assadaqa during their dabkeh training session in 2017, training as a dabkeh team called Jaffa and hoping that CADFA would be able to take them to dance in London. At the front is Ahmed Eriqat الله يرحمه who was their dabkeh trainer. The photo is from Ahmed’s Facebook and says he is in Camden Town – They were actually at Dar Assadaqa in Abu Dis, often called ‘Camden’ because of its connection with CADFA – and HOPING to go to London!
Ahmed was killed by Israeli soldiers at the Container checkpoint in June.And even up to now the Israelis haven’t returned his body to the family. Please sign and share his petition  https://www.change.org/p/dominic-raab-return-ahmed-s-body-to-be-buried-by-his-family

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